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Trump Meets Abu-Mazen: “We Won’t Force Peace”
President Trump met with President of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mzen today, and declared that “the peace agreement will not be forced onto the two sides by a third country”.
Yanky Farber , 3 May 2017 23:53 (Israel time)
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President Donald Trump met with President of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen earlier today(Wednesday) in the white house. Trump reiterated what has been his official policy over the middle east conflict from the start of his presidency, “a peace agreement will not be forced on the two sides by a third country”.

The meeting was understandably focused around the Israel- Palestinian conflict, and the aging peace process which hasn’t seen much progress in recent years. During the course of the meeting Trump told Abu Mazen, “I am committed on working with the Israelis and Palestinians towards a peace agreement, but this agreement can’t be forced on the two sides”.

Trump encouragingly added that, “I will do everting I can to broker this deal. We will work hard so that it will happen, too much time has passed. I think that there is a good chance, and we will carry it out”.

“My entire life I heard that the hardest deal to achieve, is between the Israelis and the Palestinians, lets prove that they were wrong”, Trump said.

Responding to president Trump’s remarks, Abu Mazen said: Peace will boost the war on terror and will destroy ISIS, we will be able to solve… issues including the refugee matter.

After 50 years, the time has come that Israel will end the occupation, we expect Israel to recognize a Palestinian state just as the Palestinians recognize the state of Israel”.

Abu Mazen dropped a surprise by saying that “we are raising our youth, our children and grandchildren on a culture of peace”.

The ‘center for middle east policy research’ recently translated to English and Hebrew, hundreds of Palestinian school books produced by the Palestinian Authority, which clearly show that Palestinian schools are indoctrinating their students to hate, despise, and murder Israelis. The books comprise a venomous war curriculum for the young students, and prepare them for a future war with Israel.

It’s an old trick that PA leaders use, singing the rhymes of peace to western leaders, while at the same time encouraging their own people to murder innocent Jews.
Hama’s official spokesman Abu Zohari responded to the meeting and tweeted: “No one Appointed Abu Mazen to represent the Palestinian people, and his positions do not obligate anyone. We condemn his claim that the issue of the conflict can be resolved, since what is being discussed is national rights which are unalienable”.

Translated by Eli B.
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אותי אבו מאזן לא הפתיע, אני תמיד ידעתי שהוא חתיכת צבוע מלוכלך..  
 9:04 PM 5/3/2017
ציוונו לרשת את הארץ. כולה. 
 9:27 PM 5/3/2017
הנה אתה מוכיח שאתה לא מעוניין בשלום בכל מחיר. תודה.      
 9:20 AM 5/4/2017
שבת = שלום... 
רן 1:00 PM 5/4/2017

נא לשתף, יתפוס בעז"ה כמו לשון הרע לא מדבר אלי.

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