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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Warming Up: Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon Meets With Palestinian Prime Minister
Finance minister Moshe Kachlon and major general Yoav Mordechai who coordinates matters in the territories met with palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah, and minister for civilian matters Chasin A-Shaych in Ramallah
2 Jun 2017 07:49 (Israel time) By Yackov Grodkah
Is President Trump Aware Of The Facts?
President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to visit Israel on May 22, to Jump start some form of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. When meddling into a generation-old conflict, the President ought to be aware of the facts.
21 May 2017 22:23 (Israel time) Eli B
American Brazenness At The Kosel: “This Is Occupied Territory”
While touring the Kosel in preparation for Trumps upcoming visit to Israel, American officials told their Israeli counterparts to, “Leave this place, this is not your territory, the Kosel is occupied territory”
16 May 2017 18:02 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
Trump Decided: American Embassy Will Not Move To Yerushalayim
Despite pledging otherwise during his campaign, President Donald Trump signed a presidential waiver delaying the move of the U.S. embassy to Yerushalayim by a half a year. In the past, former presidents have acted similarly to avoid the law that mandates the embassy’s move
10 May 2017 16:31 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
Bill To Condition U.S. Economic Aid To Palestinian Authority
The United States congress will soon be voting on the ‘Taylor force’ act, a bill that calls for U.S. economic aid sent to the Palestinian Authority to be conditioned, and depend on them stopping to pay terrorists and their families
4 May 2017 20:23 (Israel time) Eli B
Trump Meets Abu-Mazen: “We Won’t Force Peace”
President Trump met with President of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mzen today, and declared that “the peace agreement will not be forced onto the two sides by a third country”.
3 May 2017 23:53 (Israel time) Yanky Farber
President Trump To Meet With PA President Abu Mazzen In Washington Next Week
President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with PA President Abu Mazzen next week in Washington, Trump is expected to pressure Abu Mazzen to the negotiation table with Israel
24 Apr 2017 16:00 (Israel time) Eli B.
Trump Scheduling Peace Summit In The Summer
President Donald Trump met with Egyptian president El-Sissi in Washington yesterday to discuss various issues in the region, the two have supposedly agreed to work towards a peace summit between the Israelis and Palestinians that will take place this summer
4 Apr 2017 19:49 (Israel time) Eli B
Netanyahu Walking The Tight Rope
PM Benyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with president Trump later this week, for the first since the election the two will discuss the future of the peace process and are expected two advance the ‘two-state’ solution- MK Bennet threatens to dissolve the coalition if ‘two state’ solution is advanced
14 Feb 2017 00:33 (Israel time) Eli B
Meet The Chareidi Man Who Has Countries Competing Over Him– Exclusive Interview
Chareidi man finds himself caught in a diplomatic struggle between countries trying to win him over. A huge business venture that got off the ground with the help of Presidents Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, -worth tens of millions of dollars, which will be introduced in Manhattan; revolutionizing the tourism industry
1 Feb 2017 23:41 (Israel time) Koby Har Tzvi
Rudi Giuliani Supports PM Netanyahu Over “So-Called Allegation”
Former Mayor of New York Rudi Giuliani gave an interview to Israel TV, channel 1, supporting PM Netanyahu on the allegations he is facing over receiving gifts
31 Jan 2017 00:22 (Israel time) Eli B
White House Lashes At Media For Falsely Covering Inauguration
White House press secretary Sean Spicer, gives his first press briefing, bashing the media for falsely covering inauguration
24 Jan 2017 01:15 (Israel time) Eli B.
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