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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Fire in 'Minyan Shelanu', lakewood
According to the Asbury Park Press, the fire broke out in the early morning, while firefighters from Jackson, Howell, and Lakewood all reacting to the flames at "Minyan Shelanu" girls program. The residential building was desolate when the fire broke out
21 Sep 2016 06:15 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
Surreal request on voters form
For the first time in records, the US presidential elections registration form was distributed in Yiddish
21 Sep 2016 00:23 (Israel time) Yoel Bitelman
New Jersey: Man arrested for bomb attacks
NY, NJ bombings: Ahmad Khan Rahami, in custody after a shootout with police. Rahami, an Afghan-American is suspected of planting explosives which injured dozens of people in New York
19 Sep 2016 19:20 (Israel time) Eli Shlesinger
Authorities identify suspect in New York explosions
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday: Officials have identified a suspect in the NYC blast incident as a 28-year-old New Jersey resident from an Afghan family. He may be loaded and dangerous
19 Sep 2016 17:37 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
NY, NJ attacks: possible terror cell
Police are hunting for 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami in relation with Saturday's New York City bombing
19 Sep 2016 16:12 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
Bombs in the US cause panic
Dozens injured in an explosion in New York, it is still unclear whether the incident was terror-related. Mayor De Blasio says it is assumed to be intentional
18 Sep 2016 14:17 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
Chelsea NY explosion
Explosion in the Chelsea, New York on Saturday night at least 25 injured
18 Sep 2016 06:38 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
I can't read it so I wore it
Fashion Week’s maddest moment transpired in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday. A drug suspect, forbidden by a judge from reading quotations from the Talmud at a pre-trial hearing created an outfit made entirely from Jewish, Hebrew text
15 Sep 2016 18:50 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
US weddings: No Smartphones
A new phenomenon has taken over the Simcha halls in the US: signs at the entrances, asking the guests to refrain from using their smartphones
14 Sep 2016 22:23 (Israel time) Yona Shub
BP accident: young boy injured
14 Sep 2016 15:17 (Israel time) Eli Shlesinger
Hassidic Judge, Ruchie Freier
Ruchie Freier is the first Hassidic female judge in New York after winning the in a race for an unoccupied civil court seat in Boro Park’s 5th district
14 Sep 2016 14:54 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
'Lev Tahor' government raid
Continued pursuit of 'Lev Tahor' cult: After the heads of the sect and its members fled to Israel, United States, Canada and Guatemalan authorities likewise decided to treat the severe abuse of children and minors • Children and infants of the sect were taken by the authorities
13 Sep 2016 21:54 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
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