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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Tower climbing in NY
NYPD arrests Man for Trump hunting
11 Aug 2016 10:43 (Israel time) Tzvi Sella
Children of Viznitz Williamsburg came to learn about tevilas keilim
Children Talmud Torah,Tzemach Tzedek of Viznitz Williamsburg, learnt about tevilas keilim, and visited "HOMERY" to see closely the tvila of dishes.
9 Aug 2016 09:00 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
Trump takes flak for criticizing Muslim parents of fallen U.S. solider
Khizr Khan gave one of them most powerful speeches of the Democratic national convention. The Muslim lawyer repeatedly blasted Trump's immigration ban against Muslims.
31 Jul 2016 16:44 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Hot air balloon crashed in Texas: no survivors
16 people died when a hot air balloon crashed in central Texas
30 Jul 2016 22:46 (Israel time) Abe Aron
“How the Candidate Relates to the Jews” is most Important, according to Raavad of the Eda Chareidis
Raavad of the Eda Chareidis Harav Hagaon Rav Moshe Sternbuch answers question during a live broadcast at a Lakewood Dinner: Who to Vote for?
29 Jul 2016 12:51 (Israel time) Avreimi Perlstein
FDA working to keep American blood banks free of Zika infected blood
Some collection centers in Florida ordered to stop collecting blood.
29 Jul 2016 08:10 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Media Shocked over Trump's asking Russia to release Clinton's deleted emails
"They probably have her 33,000 e-mails. I hope they do. They probably have her 33,000 e-mails that she lost and deleted because you'd see some beauties there. So let's see." Trump told the press at a Florida news conference.
28 Jul 2016 08:08 (Israel time) Abe Aron
ADL Audit: Anti-Semitic Assaults Rise Dramatically Across the Country in 2015
Anti-Semitic Incidents on American College Campuses Nearly Doubled
27 Jul 2016 11:29 (Israel time) Gabi Tzav
Catskills: Missing Bachur located
A special needs teen went missing yesterday from Camp Satmar and was Baruch Hashem found in good condition today.
26 Jul 2016 21:32 (Israel time) Yoel Bitalman
Congressman compares Jewish settlers to termites
Member of House Armed Services said Israeli settlers are like termites while speaking at an anti-Israel event.
26 Jul 2016 00:49 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Debbie Wasserman Shcultz resigns a Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee
After thousands of leaked emails proved that the Democratic party was biased against Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down a day before the convention in Philly.
25 Jul 2016 16:18 (Israel time) Abe Aron
South Florida Shooting
14 wounded and 2 killed in South Florida nightclub shooting
25 Jul 2016 14:38 (Israel time) Abe Aron
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