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The 3 Billion Shekel Project Expected To Stop Hamas
The underground barrier will stretch for 65 kilometers and will penetrate depth a couple dozen meters below ground level in a hope to prevent the next Hamas tunnel infiltration
23 Aug 2017 01:25 (Israel time) By TheMarker- Chagi Amit
Meet Israeli Police New ‘Kachal’ Choppers
Israel police just incorporated 4 new ‘Kachal’ helicopters to its chopper unit to help aid them in the war against crime and terror - Watch:
23 Aug 2017 00:55 (Israel time) By Eli Shleyzinger
How Do You Spend Your Summer Vacation?
While children in Israel enjoy their summer break by going to the beach and hiking through scenic mountains, Arab children in Gaza train in military camps to murder Jews
21 Aug 2017 01:09 (Israel time)  Koby Har Tzvi & Eli B
Police Detain Organizers of Weekly Left-Wing Demonstration In Petach Tikvah
Police Detain Organizers of Weekly Left-Wing Demonstration In Petach Tikvah Police have blocked off access to the left-wing demonstration taking place for months every Shabbos near the home of the Attorney General in Petach Tikvah- 2 organizers arrested
21 Aug 2017 01:06 (Israel time)  Yonah Shoob
Shabbos Afternoon Stabbing Terror Attack- Terrorist Eliminated
17-year old Arab from Tul-Karem attempted to stab soldiers Shabbos afternoon at the Tapuach Junction, terrorist was shot dead and one soldier was injured from friendly fire
20 Aug 2017 01:16 (Israel time) By Eli Shleyzinger
Hashem’s Name is Sanctified by Giving Tzedaka
prays or when he learns, at work and at simachot. They are especially bothersome when they knock on his door at home and disturb his peace and quiet. However, this perspective comes from a person thinking that he is the one who is doing the collector a favor. Therefore, he is amazed - what a chutzpa it is to disturb me at this time?! However, our holy Torah teaches us a different perspective. A person must contemplate why the circumstances are such, that he is in a favorable position while the collector is forced to beg for money. His good fortune is not due to his wisdom or his ability
18 Aug 2017 17:53 (Israel time) Rav Mordechai Malka
Wife Of Truck Driver Killed In Overpass collapse Speaks: “I heard A loud Screech, I Knew Something Happened”
Two days after the tragic accident on highway 4, in which a truck driver passed away- his wife spoke to ‘Arutz 2’, sharing that she was just a few meters in front of him and herd the accident
17 Aug 2017 21:13 (Israel time) Itzik Mon
Nighttime Mission: Family Of 18 Rescued After Being Stranded For 6 Hours
A family with many children, the youngest just 8 months old was rescued last night form the ‘Nachal Amud’ nature reserve near Meron, after being stranded for 6 hours
17 Aug 2017 19:47 (Israel time)  Eli Shleyzinger
R’ Bergman Comments Over Collapsed Overpass “It Comes To Awaken Us”
Hagaon R’ Meir Tzvi Bergman, a member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah in Eretz Yisroel Commented over the collapsed overpass in Bnei Brak, “it comes to Awaken us”
17 Aug 2017 19:37 (Israel time) Moshe Wisberg
Netanyahu To Be First Israeli PM To Visit Latin America
PM Bingaman Netanyahu will embark on an historic visit to Latin America next month, including Mexico which recently criticized him for meddling into their business with America
15 Aug 2017 18:40 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
Overpass Collapses In Bnei Brak Killing 1
Ramat Elchanan overpass from Bnei Brak to Givat Shmuel collapsed onto the busy highway 4- two people trapped in their truck were found dead by rescue workers
15 Aug 2017 12:55 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Watch: Avreichim Nearly Drowned- Rescued With Belts
Ten Avreichim all part of an extended family nearly drowned in the Jordan river this morning. Police officers told them to remove their belts and create a chain- B”H there were no injuries
11 Aug 2017 15:48 (Israel time) By Eli Shleyzinger
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