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Showdown Looming: Army Declares Newly Inhabited Machpelah House ‘Closed Military Zone’
Just 1 day after 15 families numbering 100 people moved into the disputed Machpelah house in Chevron, the IDF has declared the premise a ‘closed military zone’, causing concern that the families will be evicted
26 Jul 2017 17:59 (Israel time) Eli B.
Four Days After The Massacre: Chalamish Residents Demanding Security
Four days after the cruel terror attack in the town of Nefe Tzuf- Chalamish, in which 3 Jews Hy”d were murdered in cold blood, local residents are demanding the town receive proper security measures- Exclusive interview from the scene
25 Jul 2017 23:24 (Israel time) Moishe Wisberg
Diplomatic Mess In Jordan over?
The diplomatic mess with Jordan seems to be coming to an end after PM Netanyahu spoke with King Abdullah and secured the release of the Israeli diplomats- the price, removal of the metal detectors
25 Jul 2017 14:02 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Netanyahu Calls For ‘Responsible’ Action
During today’s Cabinet meeting PM Netanyahu commented on the ongoing tense security situation and called for responsible “action”
23 Jul 2017 17:22 (Israel time) Yackov Grodkah
Friday Night Slaughter: Father And Two Of His Children Murdered In Chalamish
A terrorist entered a home in Chalamish and stabbed to death a father and two of his children, the man’s wife was injured in the attack and transferred to Sharei Tzedek hospital in moderate and stable condition
23 Jul 2017 16:42 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Tension In Yerushalayim: Cabinet Decides To Leave Metal Detectors At Har Habayis
The defense cabinet conveyed last night and decided to leave the metal detectors at the entrances to Har Habayis- After years of no limitations, entrance to Har Habayis restricted to men over 50
21 Jul 2017 17:45 (Israel time)  Eli Shleyzinger
Our Duty to Avoid Causing
Bamidbar (35:25-28) states, “The assembly shall rescue the killer from the hand of the avenger of the blood, and the assembly shall return him to his city of refuge where he had fled; he shall dwell in it until the death of the kohen gadol, whom one had anointed with the sacred oil. But if the killer will ever leave the border of this city of refuge in which he had fled, and the avenger of the blood shall find him outside of the border of his city of refuge, and the avenger of the blood will kill the killer - he is not guilty for killing him.”
21 Jul 2017 11:18 (Israel time) Rav Mordechai Maka
Fire In Yerushalayim: Hundreds Of Homes Evacuated
Fire fighters are currently battling a blaze threating buildings on rechiv Sorotzkin, including Yeshivas Torah Ohr, and the Neve Simcha senior home- emergency personnel are evacuating the threatened homes in the area
21 Jul 2017 10:05 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Father Of Fallen Policeman To Chareidi Visitors: “You Are Wonderful”
A group of chareidim made their way to the far-off Druze town of Churpish located on the Lebanese border, to show support and console one of the families of the fallen policeman who was killed in last Fridays terror attack- Our reporter Yanky Farber joined the group
20 Jul 2017 13:06 (Israel time) Yanky Farber
Riots Break Around Har Habayis: 15 Injured
Riots broke out at the entrance to Har Habayis last night, the Red Crescent is reporting over 50 injured with 15 transferred to the hospital
18 Jul 2017 16:04 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Why Netanyahu Slept On The Floor On The Way To Paris
Some like to portray PM Netanyahu as a spoiled and finicky politician, it turns out that when the need arises he can make do with whatever is available
17 Jul 2017 18:18 (Israel time) Yackov Grodkah
Terror Attack From Within Har Habayis, 2 Dead, 1 injured
A horrific terror attack took place this morning when 3 terrorists opened fire from within Har Habayis killing two and injuring 1, the three were chased down and eliminated on Har Habayis- Police evacuated the mountain and canceled all Friday prayers for Muslims
14 Jul 2017 18:33 (Israel time) By Eli Shleyzinger
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