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Third Annual ‘Hagefen’ Convention: 400 Shadchanim Get Together
400 Shadchanim got together for the third annual ‘Hagefen’ Convention, this year’s primary topic was the many older single boys and girls still looking for their Zivug
11 Jul 2017 19:05 (Israel time)  Eli B.
Where Are The Reformers On Shiva Aasar Betammuz?
A misspallel that came to daven at the Kosel this morning discovered the so called ‘Reform’ Kosel totally empty- Watch the message he wishes to give over to kllal Yisroel
11 Jul 2017 18:54 (Israel time) Translated by Eli B
Vehicle Ramming Terror Attack In Gush Etzion
A 20-year-old Israeli man was slightly injured in a vehicle terror attack earlier today at the ‘T’ junction in eastern Gush Etzion- the terrorist was neutralized by soldiers stationed nearby
11 Jul 2017 12:58 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Kiddush Hashem: Shabbos Revolution Taking Place At Amusement Parks And Attractions
A silent revolution is taking place in parks and attractions across Israel, more and more places are choosing to stay closed on Shabbos
10 Jul 2017 16:27 (Israel time) Itzik Mon- Arutz 2 contributed to this report
‘New Israel Fund’ Funded Farewell Ceremony For Indicted Arab MK
‘Yisroel Hayom’ reported this morning, the ‘New Israel Fund’ funded a farewell ceremony for Basal Ghattas, the Arab MK who was indicted for smuggling cell phoned to Terrorist serving life sentences in Israeli prisons
9 Jul 2017 17:18 (Israel time) Bechadrei Chareidim staff
Parashat Balak || Rav Mordechai Malka
As in every week, we present you with the words of Rabbi Mordechai Malka, Rabbi of Elad, on this parashat hashavua
7 Jul 2017 11:10 (Israel time) Rabbi Mordechai Malka
ISIS Out: Israeli Engineers Renovating Kever Of Nachum Hanavi
Two Israeli Engineers, Yackov Shafer and Meir Ronen have undertaken to renovate the compound where Nachum Hanavi is buried, just 30 miles from Mosul, Iraq
6 Jul 2017 01:06 (Israel time) By Itzik Mon – Arutz 10 contributed to this story
Prime Minister Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Modi Meet Moishe Holtzberg
PM Netanyahu and Indian PM Nirnadra Modi met Moishe Holzberg, the boy whose parents were murdered in a brutal terror attack in their Chabad house in Mumbai India back in 2008
6 Jul 2017 01:00 (Israel time) By Yackov Grodkah
Historic Visit: Indian Prime MInister Lands In Israel
Indian PM NIrada Modi Arrived in Israel today for an historic first time visit by an Indian PM to Israel, Modi opened his visit by declaring in Hebrew “Shalom, I am happy to be here”
4 Jul 2017 19:08 (Israel time) Yackov Grodkah
Crime Ring Busted For Stealing Ammunition From IDF Base
In a joint effort by the police and GSS 6 people from Beer Sheva and northern Israel were arrested on suspicion of stealing no less than 33 firearms from an IDF base in the south- WATCH:
4 Jul 2017 00:40 (Israel time) By Eli Shleyzinger
War Machines Turning On ISIS From Israel
For the first time in 17 years a U.S. Navy carrier has docked near the Haifa port. The ship will be taking part in the ongoing war against ISIS- WATCH:
2 Jul 2017 17:11 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Staged Inspection AT Tthe Mir: “Thank You Delegates And Talmidim”
The staged inspection held at Yeshivas Mir yesterday brought the administration to thank the Talmidim who participated, and to demand answers from those that were not present
28 Jun 2017 18:56 (Israel time) Moishe Wisberg
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