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Moment Before Trumps Arrival: Joint Airforce Training
Last Thursday, just days before president Trumps expected arrival in Israel, the Israeli and American air forces held joint exercises over the skies of Israel
21 May 2017 17:40 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Nearly Lynched: Israeli Citizen Kills Terrorist In Self Defense
Violent Arab riots erupted this morning south of Shchem on the main road leading to Jewish towns. Arabs hurled rocks and boulders at passing Israeli traffic, prompting one man who felt his life was in danger to open fire at the rioters- one terrorist died and another was moderately injured
18 May 2017 16:32 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Jewish Man Wearing Tefillin Stabbed In His Home
A Jewish Man was found with severe stab wounds in his home in the Sharon district. The man was found wearing Tefillin and had an open siddur in front of him- ‘Writing in blood’ was found near the man In Arabic “Idbach Al-Yahud” slaughter the Jew
18 May 2017 00:24 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Minister Galant Calls For The Assassination Of Assad
Speaking at the International Conference of ‘Land Warfare and Logistics’, Minister of ‘Housing and Construction’ Yoav Galant surprised his audience when he said, “the time has come to assassinate Assad”
16 May 2017 18:03 (Israel time) Yackov Grodkah
Two GSS Employees Embezzled Hundreds Of Thousands Of NIS
Two SHABAK (General security service) employees are being charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of NIS through the course of their work. The two did not hold a senior position in the agency, and were detected during an internal audit carried out by the agency itself to rout out corruption
15 May 2017 23:03 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Yad Le’achim Combatting The Opening Of Large Missionary Center Near The Kineret
A popular Christian Priest from Nigeria who claims to be able to banish demons, announced that he intends to relocate his world headquarters to Israel and establish his new center, off the coast of the Kineret. The priest has hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide, and 60% of Nigeria’s foreign tourists are attracted to the country in order to meet this priest.
15 May 2017 23:02 (Israel time) Communicated content
Father And 4 Children Miraculously Saved From Overturned Vehicle
A father and his 4 children traveling back home from Meron, were slightly injured when their car overturned- Baruch Hashem they all were all miraculously saved
14 May 2017 22:11 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Chareidi Mispallel Tackles Terrorist And Saves Policeman
A police officer was moderately wounded on Shabbos afternoon in the old city of Yerushalayim when an Arab terrorist stabbed him, two Chareidim passing by assisted the policeman in neutralizing the terrorist – Eyewitness to “Bechadrei”: “He saved the policeman by stopping the bleeding with his Tallis, It’s literally a miracle”
14 May 2017 19:12 (Israel time) Itsik mon
Kiddush Hashem: Avreich Sponsors Chareidi Soldier's Ride Prompting Viral Post
A Chareidi soldier making his way home for the weekend got stuck without money for the bus fare. An Avreich sitting close to the driver herd what was going on and insisted on sponsoring the soldiers bus fare- The story made to Facebook and has gone viral
11 May 2017 21:57 (Israel time) Itsik Mon
Amona expellees contemplating To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands
After spending the last 100 days in a school dormitory, and not seeing any significant progress made by officials, expellees of the destroyed town of Amona, are contemplating to take matters into their own hands and construct a new town
10 May 2017 17:42 (Israel time) Eli B.
American Askan Handing Out Free Tickets To Meron
The American organization ‘Zareh Derashbi’ is handing out 100 NIS per person to purchase tickets to Meron for Lag Baomer
9 May 2017 21:16 (Israel time) Moishe Wisberg
Peculiar Behavior Of Arch Terrorist Marwan Bargouty: Already predicted by Hagaon R’ Mordechai Eliyahu ZT”L
The video clip showing arch terrorist and murder, Marwan Bargouty eating in his bathroom cell while officially on a hunger strike, was actually predicted many years ago by R’ Mordechai Eliyahu ZT”L- What does all this have to do with bedikas chometz?
9 May 2017 00:18 (Israel time) Moshe Cohen
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