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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Extortion In London Girl Schools: “Girls At Home Crying”
London’s Chareidi community is up in arms after it was discovered that 16 girls weren’t accepted to any of the local schools. Headmaster demanding thousands of British pounds in return for letting the girls into school
26 May 2017 00:40 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
Fear And Concern In England: Soldiers To Patrol The Streets
Britain’s Prime minister Theresa May announced that the kingdom has raised the terror alert from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’, hinting that another terror attack may be imminent
24 May 2017 18:10 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
ISIS Orders Operatives To Disguise As Chareidi Jews
According to British Media sources the notorious ISIS terror organization is directing its operatives to disguise themselves as Chareidi Jews to easily avoid detection, and to be able to conceal weapons under a jacket to attack Jewish institutions
30 Mar 2017 00:33 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
Frum Jew From JCC Organization In London: “I was saved By A Miracle
Frum Jew shares with “Bechadrei Chareidim” the miracle of how he was saved from today’s horrific terror attack in front of the English parliament building in London
22 Mar 2017 20:27 (Israel time) Yackov Farber
Minister Of Interior Deri Orders Terrorist family Expelled From Israel
Minister of interior Aryeh Deri cancelled the residence status of Padi Kunbars’ family, the terrorist from Jabel-Mukaber
25 Jan 2017 20:03 (Israel time) Eli Shleyzinger
Gedolim save small cemeteries
The French government's decision to endanger small cemeteries in Algeria; Only rabbis in general mobilization brought a happy ending to the story
10 Oct 2016 22:18 (Israel time) Eli Yakobi
Rav Yosef Chaim Sitruk zt"l
380 people will accompany the bed of the Chief Rabbi of France, after the company Air France got hold of a special plane for the journey
26 Sep 2016 10:50 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
Ness in France: A car bomb near a Shul
A car bomb placed near 'Bar Yohai' Shul in Marseille - has been eliminated at the last minute with no casualties
11 Sep 2016 01:07 (Israel time) Yankel Rose
Jewish Paintings exhibit in Moscow
2 Sep 2016 14:55 (Israel time) Levi Nazarov
Irish burst of anti-Semitism
29 Aug 2016 15:33 (Israel time) Yoel Bitelman
Earthquake in Italy • collapsed buildings and town destroyed
An earthquake measuring 6.2 northeast of Rome • So far, ten deaths reported, many still trapped under the rubble and rescue forces find it difficult to reach due to the collapse of a bridge
24 Aug 2016 10:47 (Israel time) Yona Shuv
German citizens store food in fear of terror attacks
Fear of terrorism on the streets of Germany led the Ministry of Internal Affairs to demand an official call to stock up on food and drinks for ten days in case of a terror attack
22 Aug 2016 15:14 (Israel time) Yoel Bitelman
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