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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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ISIS Flag Found in room of Afghan Terrorist
Afghan terrorist who carried our stabbing attack on German train seems to be linked to ISIS
19 Jul 2016 12:30 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Terror Attack in Germany
A 17 year old Afghan refugee injured four people in a stabbing attack in southern Germany.
19 Jul 2016 12:03 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Turkey won't be allowed in EU if it Reinstates death Penalty
A spokesman for the German government said that Turkey won't be allowed to join the EU is it reinstates the death penalty.
18 Jul 2016 17:05 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Terrorist's Lawyer Regrets Defending him
Corentin Delobel defended the man who drove the 20 ton truck along the Nice Promenade Thursday night killing 84 people and wounding hundreds more, when he was charged with assault earlier this year.
18 Jul 2016 11:07 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Tensions build between U.S. and Turkey
Turkey blames American involvement in the attempted coup Friday night.
17 Jul 2016 12:45 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Arrests made in Nice France
France reals from the attack, 84 people including 10 children died, and over 300 have been treated in the hospital.
17 Jul 2016 00:05 (Israel time) Eli Shlezinger
New English Charedi Community
A group of activists from Stamford Hill is planning to start a new Charedi community in the Essex town of Harlow.
15 Jul 2016 11:57 (Israel time) Gabi Tzav
Talmud Burnt in France on Friday of Parshas Chukas 1244
Last night's terror attack occurred on a day that has long been considered a day of danger among Jews in the diaspora.
15 Jul 2016 08:02 (Israel time) Moshe Weissberg
Terror Attack in Nice, France
The death toll has climbed to 80, with another 100 injured, Jews among the injured.
15 Jul 2016 07:29 (Israel time) Bechadrey Staff
Who is Theresa May, the UK's new PM
Theresa May, her politics, opinions and her relationship with the Jews.
12 Jul 2016 11:58 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Britain to have new PM by Wednesday Night
Theresa May will be the new Prime Minister of the UK
12 Jul 2016 10:44 (Israel time) Abe Aron
England Notes 57% Increase in Hate Crimes
In the wake of the historic Brexit vote there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes in the UK.
28 Jun 2016 13:00 (Israel time) Abe Aron
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