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  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Rome: Pope visited the synagogue
On the background of graffiti on the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem - the Pope will visit a ceremony at Rome's main synagogue today
18 Jan 2016 08:06 (Israel time) Yoel Bittelman
Stamford Hill: Closure Order to Haider Tashbar
After frequent reviews and alerts, the Education Ministry announced that the veteran British Haider needs to close down within a month
17 Jan 2016 08:20 (Israel time) Yoel Bittelman
Died of his injuries: stabbing casualty in Hebron HYD
The doctors fought for his life for three weeks - but today Gennady Kaufman HYD who was stabbed by a terrorist near the Cave of the Patriarchs, passed away
30 Dec 2015 09:45 (Israel time) Yonah Shub
New Rabbi of Vienna: Hagaon Rabbi Aryeh Folger
President of the Conference of European Rabbis: "we will assist in strengthening and establishing more educational and religious institutions, and fostering communities"
28 Dec 2015 09:15 (Israel time) Eli Cohen
Muslims in England, "we'll teach Judaism"
The new law requires studying two religions, and while Rabbi of the United Kingdom declared that one should learn about Islam, Muslims are also surprising
28 Dec 2015 09:09 (Israel time) Yoel Bittelman
It is important that Jewish children learn about Islam
Britain's Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is for Jewish schools to teach about Islam: "It's an opportunity"
20 Dec 2015 08:58 (Israel time) Yoel Bittelman
Paris: ISIS man stabbed a teacher in kindergarten
The attacker stabbed a teacher in a kindergarten in northern Paris, declared that "that's a warning", fled the scene and has not yet been detected
14 Dec 2015 17:52 (Israel time) Eli Schlesinger
Which MK did Netanyahu's dog bite?
Embarrassment at the Prime Minister: Netanyahu's dog 'Kia' was raging at the candle-lighting ceremony, and bit two participants
10 Dec 2015 08:26 (Israel time) Akiva Weiss
Hanukkah in the shadow of terrorism: interview from Paris
Chabad emissary in Paris tells Behadrey Haredim of the feelings in the streets of Paris, "the lighting in the Eiffel Tower under heavy security"
7 Dec 2015 09:41 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
London: Extremists demonstrated against Eichler
Amendment of draft law: Sikrikim of London demonstrated in front of the lodge of MK - who was not there at the same time • Watch
6 Dec 2015 09:47 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
Price tag: talks with Europe suspended
In response to marking products: Bibi ordered to freeze ties with EU institutions associated with the negotiations with the Palestinians
30 Nov 2015 08:14 (Israel time) Yonah Shub
Explosive belt found in Paris
Paris police found an explosion belt in a hiding place • Talk about a fourth suspect in Brussels • the city is still under curfew
24 Nov 2015 09:46 (Israel time) Yonah Shub
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