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Eidelstein Chokes Up While Recounting Bris Milah Performed Under The Nose Of The KGB
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Live Stream from Meron
  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Good night twitter
Twitter’s “night mode” displays white text on a dark gray background. The mode can be useful for those twitter addicts who cannot put their phone down while people around them are trying to sleep.
4 Sep 2016 22:23 (Israel time) Yankel Rose
The Zman began: Bochurim Traveling to Shteig in Yeshiva
Tens of thousands of Bochurim went back to Yeshiva today and Shuki Lerer photographed the streets of Bnei Brak and documented charming boys with suitcases and bags, loading buses on their way to begin the Zman
4 Sep 2016 21:57 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
Why Rechnitz bought an Olympic medal
Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz bought the badge of Israeli athlete Yarden Gerbi who donated the money for cancer patients
2 Sep 2016 15:28 (Israel time) Avromi Perlstein
Iran placed missiles by nuclear site
Iranian television broadcast video shows placing aircraft missiles S-300 at the Fordo nuclear site
29 Aug 2016 15:56 (Israel time) Eli Shlesinger
Letter to my father
Painful letter from a daughter of a man that was caught into "Hachavura Hakdosha" cult, caused a stir on the network • "My father is homeless. He has an apartment yet sleeps on the street. He has a car but flounders his legs - He is a prisoner to someone who controls him"
29 Aug 2016 09:19 (Israel time) Eli Shlesinger
How the Israeli Media Portrays Donald Trump
The Israeli media returns a favor to the Obama government and stablishes the V16
28 Aug 2016 20:18 (Israel time) May Golan
Why Haredi Baalei teshuva make lower salaries
What problems do BT face when applying for college? ● High percentage have an income of 3000 NIS per month or less ● Differences between men and women: 9% of the men have a salary above 12000 NIS, as opposed to the women’s A new study brings all the details
28 Aug 2016 15:41 (Israel time) Shiffi Haritan
A lifetime of bleeding
Two years ago the soldier, David Gordon's body was found several weeks after the end of 'Tzuk Eitan' battle he faught• Throughout his life, Gordon carried a dark and terrible secret from Heder
28 Aug 2016 13:29 (Israel time) Tzvi Fleischmann
BDE: Rabbi Yishaya Rappaport Z"L
Rabbi Yishaya Rapoport, Rabbi of Strikov Beis Medrash in Bnei Brak, who learned Chavrusa with the Previous Rebbe was Niftar on Shabbos
27 Aug 2016 22:25 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
Cocaine in Bnei Brak
New drugs issue: two boys from Haredi families arrested returning from Belgium with large amounts of cocaine. Their attorney: "somebody gave them the suitcase"
26 Aug 2016 16:16 (Israel time) Eli Shlesinger
Clinton, dominant yet invisible
AP published a lengthly article about the censoring of the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's image in the Charedi media • B'Chadrei: "no hesitation". Hamevaser: "ultra-Orthodox readers do not want to see pictures of women"
25 Aug 2016 20:23 (Israel time) Atara Sternbuch
"Ein Od Milvado" learns Yiddish
"Ein Od Milvado" of Israeli singer, Shlomi Shabat in a unique version of the hit, plus upgraded Clip by Dudi Knopfler and "Shira" choir
25 Aug 2016 12:29 (Israel time) Kobi Har Tzvi
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