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Eidelstein Chokes Up While Recounting Bris Milah Performed Under The Nose Of The KGB
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Live Stream from Meron
  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Eicha Against the background of the Holocaust
Listen to a rare recording of Megillas Eicha from a Holocaust survivor, the chazan of Breslev, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Bender - against the images from the days of rage
14 Aug 2016 10:18 (Israel time) Kobi Har Tzvi
Seventy greatest Gedolim zt”l davening at the Kotel
On the day that we daven for the return of Shechina to Zion, ‘Bechadrey Charedim’ presents historical records of 70 gedolei Torah who are no longer with us today, davening at the kotel
13 Aug 2016 21:07 (Israel time) Moshe Weisberg
How social media affects the news you read
In today's digital age," it’s not important if a story’s real, the only thing that really matters is whether people click on it." So said Neetzan Zimmerman , a specialist in high traffic viral stories back in 2014. “If a person is not sharing a news story, it is, at its core, not news.”
31 Jul 2016 12:39 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Morocco: zoo elephant kills girl
Seven year old girl died after elephant threw a rock at her
30 Jul 2016 22:30 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Turkey takes action against the media
Anadolu, Turkey's state run news agency reported Wednesday that 45 newspapers, 16 television stations and three news agencies were closed.
28 Jul 2016 16:33 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Kol Bramah takes a trip to Morocco, to their ancestral home
The daily diary of Kol Baramah Radio on an ancestral trip to Morocco.
27 Jul 2016 12:14 (Israel time) Eli Yakovi
Mexico: Philanthropist Marcus Katz z"l passed away
After 90 years of ongoing effort on behalf of Am Yisrael the famous philanthropist passed away this morning with his family at his side.
27 Jul 2016 07:27 (Israel time) Moshe Weissberg
Argentina : Harav Avraham Zayat released from hospital
He Jewish community of Argentina was happy to hear about the recovery of harav Avraham Zayat after having spent weeks in the hospital.
26 Jul 2016 07:58 (Israel time) Itzik Man
ISIS kills 21 in Baghdad terror attack
Suicide bomber kills 21 people in Shiite neighborhood of Kadhimiya Sunday
24 Jul 2016 22:03 (Israel time) Abe Aron
ISIS terror claims 80 lives, wounds over 200 in Afghanistan
Two ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up at a peaceful demonstration in Afghanistan Saturday.
24 Jul 2016 09:54 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Puerto Rico: Increase in Zika Cases
Government officials in Puerto Rico reported its largest weekly rise in Zika cases Friday.
21 Jul 2016 15:31 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Erdogan declares state of emergency
Turkey's president declares a state of emergency for the next three months following the failed coup.
21 Jul 2016 11:15 (Israel time) Abe Aron
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