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Eidelstein Chokes Up While Recounting Bris Milah Performed Under The Nose Of The KGB
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Live Stream from Meron
  comments 5/2/2018 6:04:00 PM
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Argentina: Improvement in condition of Israeli Rosh Yeshiva
Good news from South America: Harav Avraham Ziat, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yesodot was transferred to a regular hospital room.
2 Jul 2016 23:41 (Israel time) Itzik Man
Twenty Killed in Bangladesh Hostage Crises
ISIS claimed responsibility for the heinous attack in the diplomatic quarter of Dhaka in which 20 hostages were tortured to death.
2 Jul 2016 23:14 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Rav Berland Not to be Sent to House Arrest
Court refuses request by the leader of the Shuvu Banim community to release him from prison to serve his term in house arrest in Johannesburg, accepting the prosecutor’s demands.
30 Jun 2016 23:37 (Israel time) Itzik Man
John Kerry says ISIS attacked Istanbul airport because they are desperate and know they are losing
While there was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday's attack at the Istanbul airport which killed at least 36 people and wounded nearly 150 others, Turkish and U.S. officials said it was likely the work of ISIS.
30 Jun 2016 07:03 (Israel time) Gabi Tzav
Violent Footage: Terrorist Shoots, Blows Himself Up
Turkish officials report: 36 dead, 147 injured. Officials suspect that ISIS is behind this attack.
29 Jun 2016 07:08 (Israel time) Bechadrey Staff
Istanbul Airport: 20 Killed Dozens Wounded in suicide Bombing
Two terrorist blew themselves up at the airport entrance.
28 Jun 2016 23:29 (Israel time) Aharon Rabinovitz
Israeli Yeshiva Administrator Collapses in Argentina
Harav Avraham Ziat travelled to Argentina to raise funds for the yeshivos under his management. He is in serious condition.
27 Jun 2016 15:26 (Israel time) Moshe Weissberg
Dow Falls after Brexit Vote
The UK's surprising vote to leave the European Union sent aftershocks as markets worldwide tumbled. Stocks and the pound tumbles and gold rallies.
25 Jun 2016 22:30 (Israel time) Abe Aron
World Trend? Dramatic Week UK , U.S
Have the winds of change begun to shift Western ideologies away from liberalism?
24 Jun 2016 10:43 (Israel time) Abe Aron
Israel Helps Fight Cyprus Fire
Israel dispatched three firefighting planes and a cargo plane with emergency equipment together with personnel to Cyprus to help combat raging fires in the Cypriot city of Paphos.
22 Jun 2016 00:10 (Israel time) Gabi Tzav
New ISIS Video Released
"Al Amiriki" meaning "The American" addresses the camera in English with a message for Americans.
20 Jun 2016 16:26 (Israel time) Abe Aron
65 Million Refugees Worldwide: The world's Highest Level Ever
The number of displaced persons in the world today is the highest level ever recorded says the UN refugee agency.
20 Jun 2016 11:44 (Israel time) Abe Aron
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